Progression of ideas.


The start of the project was really hard for me to get to grips with, I had a hard time to get my context to focus on and create relevant work to go with this. I began with initial ideas which had the concept of everything connecting, I started to sketch ideas from this;

ScanScan 1

I had the idea of using the brain and also the earth as a starting point but i didn’t feel like I could go anywhere with these due to me not being fully satisfied with the style or execution, from the start I always said I wanted to work with pattern and symmetry because I felt this was one of my strong points with the last project obviously there was a lot to improve on  but thats what I wanted to stick with.

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Development of connectivity using the Brain and 3M


Scan 7

Scan 9

Scan 8

These are some of my final ideas which I think I am going to take forward with the commission the connectivity 3M has with other companys, also the brain as the thinker come together well, the neurons within the brain are being represented with the balls linking back to my original drawing.Scan 3

I have taken this idea to sculpture and also layered it with the orginal sculpture which I made with Axl Hudson, the idea for my final and end peice has been long in the making after worrying about how I would execute it and present it to the board of clients.

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3M or No 3M?


After talking critically about the start peice of my work with fellow students they feel that the 3M logo which I placed in the centre ball shouldnt be there due to the work already being in the building and being owned by them, why would they want the logo when its already a part of 3M making it a bit redundent, this is something I am going to look into and try and work around if my idea is taken forward by the board.

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Taking my concept further with animation, advertising and promotion.

The piece that I am currently doing is on a canvas but I feel there is a lot of potential to take this further with animation to promote 3M as the link within innovation, my vision is to create a commercial of some sort using the sculpture and the art work I am currently creating to bring this sense of connectivity within 3M and the brain to form this sort of inspirational advert.

Interconnectivity within everything.

I really want to focus on the connectivity, which innovation is the stem of, everything from the food we eat to the bacteria that are invisible on our carpets everything is in the perfect place for us humans to create and manifest and adapt and progress in the world we live in. But thinking on how that could be shown within my art work, well Ive started with using realism within my work as I feel this is one of my strengths but also I am taking the clients preference forward as well, Fractules, Nature and crystalography. These things are hard to put together but in time I feel I can use my skills to connect all these things.