Show your work, Austin Kleon

show your workShow your work, by Austin Kleon
I’ve recently just read this inspirational piece by Austin Kleon which focuses on getting your work out there, by using a range of models and ways of networking yourself. Most of his advice is to get your work out there is by the internet, sharing everything that you do to build up an audience. Austin talks of several ways in his book about stealing and the process of work accumulating together to create masterpieces, now this can link in to any creative strand of the art world, he explains In depth that when the likes of Picasso was around it wasn’t just him, it would of be a whole network of people who together and shared ideas. Austin talks a lot about giving and social Medias, as the 21st century takes its strides the power of the internet is undeniable. From Facebook to WordPress, all these engines have everything you need to show your creativity and to get discovered.
Be an amateur! This is the only way you can truly get to grips with what you are passionate about, this is due to learning, you have to learn everything and this can lead to the most amazing work. Here are just a few things that inspired me from his book “ Share the things that excite you”, “if you don’t go to work, you’ll never leave work”, “share something small every day” and “ Be and AMATURE!”. This book is a great read and I would recommend it to everyone who has lost the spark within their work, you can do anything if you put your mind to it, be an amateur and share what you know!