Now that the 3M commission has passed and everyone that has been chosen has been finalised, I have realised that I can refocus my studies on what I really want to do. As third year is fast approaching I feel like I can focus on what I really want to do after my course. Mens T-shirt fashion is something that has always been something I have taken great attention too for a long time now, the forever changing designs and patterns that accompany these t-shirts are always changing and seems to be taking influence from different years and innovating them to fit the style thats in at the current time. I am going to look at the t-shirt industry thoroughly and how style has changed and also how the visual attracts us in to actually buy them, is it anything to do with how fashion is advertised on TV? celebrities and advertising and also whats in, these things are the type of stuff I will look at the current patterns and colours, I will contact a t-shirt designer in the summer and try to gain some experience ready to hopefully propel myself into the scene. From this point I am going to focus on pattern and colour looking at the sutff that can fit in with the season that fashion seems to always follow.


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