3M buckley Innovation Centre 6 week Commision Project.

This project is an exciting prospect and a major chance to show off my current skills and also gain recognition with my practise, I hope to win this and gain the CV recommendation which for me is exactly what I need.

Key words from the client:

Fractul structures






These words are the starting point for me, I will stick to my style using pattern symmetry and also realism, these will be the basis of what I want to do, this may change but the ideas from this point need to start flowing something that I am finding difficult, so I am taking a step back and get to grips with my style for now then hopefully the ideas will come.




Hopefully the use of line and pattern just like this artist that I have found really interest me and would love to encouraparate this within my practise, the use of line and the structure really interest me the artist is unknown but its a very well executed peice.




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