Interconnectivity within everything.

I really want to focus on the connectivity, which innovation is the stem of, everything from the food we eat to the bacteria that are invisible on our carpets everything is in the perfect place for us humans to create and manifest and adapt and progress in the world we live in. But thinking on how that could be shown within my art work, well Ive started with using realism within my work as I feel this is one of my strengths but also I am taking the clients preference forward as well, Fractules, Nature and crystalography. These things are hard to put together but in time I feel I can use my skills to connect all these things.


3M buckley Innovation Centre 6 week Commision Project.

This project is an exciting prospect and a major chance to show off my current skills and also gain recognition with my practise, I hope to win this and gain the CV recommendation which for me is exactly what I need.

Key words from the client:

Fractul structures






These words are the starting point for me, I will stick to my style using pattern symmetry and also realism, these will be the basis of what I want to do, this may change but the ideas from this point need to start flowing something that I am finding difficult, so I am taking a step back and get to grips with my style for now then hopefully the ideas will come.




Hopefully the use of line and pattern just like this artist that I have found really interest me and would love to encouraparate this within my practise, the use of line and the structure really interest me the artist is unknown but its a very well executed peice.