Unknown Artist.

Unknown Artist.

Now this piece of work really inspired me to gaining meaning within my work and also helped me to create and innovate the message I feel like this artist is trying to get across. When I deconstruct this image I get the feeling of control and also the hierarchy within society and this is the main thing I focused on with my own practice which really inspired me. The use of colour and also the bottom of the image which is representing the poor and the people living in poverty within the world, working for our dreams and technological desires. This image is very literal but it gets the message across to me it tells the story of how life is for us now and it illustrates that. Poverty, War, Control, Greed, and money, even the use of tvs in this image show to me that we are just the slaves of the mass cooperations within our capitalism society which brainwash us into to want and desire.


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