Theorizing Survelliance : The Panopticon and Beyond, David Lyon.

My recent ideas came from this book it explores the panopticon effect and how governments used survelliance to control the masses and also take control and gain a capitilism society.

The first thing the book starts on is the panoptical model which I recently took influence on with my work, I wanted to create a piece that showed that this was the start of what was to come. I also linked in the film Nineteen eighty four written by George Orwell, which is focused on the future of a fully compliant society which did as the government said.

Theorizing survelliance started by focusing on all models of survelliance which is now conducted using Sensors, Satellites, Bio metric devices, DNA analysis and datavelliance. These are things we use day to day its who we are the DNA In our bodys to the bank card we use in the supermarket, the control the government have over society is bigger than its ever been and will get progressively worse until we get maybe a Nineteen Eighty Four scenario? Survelliance could be also out of our hands and could be on another planet with more advanced technologies than our own which could also be watching us without us even knowing.

Overall the few pages I read was really eye opening and also helped me to form strong ideas and also give me context and a meaning to do my work, All my work from the start of the project has kept the same sense of control, which Is something that I like to focus on within my work.


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