PRISM United States National Security Agency (Control, Survelliance)

Deceit within the american population once again, americans are gripped by an evil and power that lingers above them but how long till this virus spreads to the rest of the globe? This so called control is something that keeps on getting worse, yes they may say its to stop terrorism and to keep psychos off the streets but the hunger and desire to know what people think and how people think what they search is just another thing they want to control and keep tabs on, there’s an underlying force which greater than we can even imagine within society, western culture is changing and so are the people with the power, people that rebel to this system are stripped of their power and trust. Edward snowden a prime example of this, the American Government charged him with espionage for leaking the governments “Property” to the media, he is a former employee of the CSI and was a contractor for the NSA who disclosed classified information about the extreme survelliance. This to me seems to be the perfect thing to work from. Rebelling to the powers above. With the upcoming of technology this is going to get worse and worse but the more people that stand up for what they think is what needs to be done, so we can actually keep some privacy within our lifes.



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