Symbolism in Cinema.

In this lecture we focused on symbols in cinema and how these structure our deepest desires.

Zizek was the first thing we started to look at and he made a movie called ‘Perverts Guide to The Cinema’. This focused on our desires and how they are produced in this false sence of reality we imerse ourselves in when we watch a film, The First Matrix film was used as an example which goes to the scene were ‘Neo’ is given a choice over the red and blue pill, now this is a major part and factor in symbolism as he is given a choice which is ‘escapism’ which is constructed to our desires we all want to get away from the bad things in life. In summary its the idea of representation, our sence is constructed by frictions and myths within our realitys which without these we wouldn’t be able to make sence of the world. Zizek says that we are all constructed to be who we are, we are the sum of stories. Everyone is trying to create their own. We operate in a genre or a sub genre influenced by other structures. Structured by negative space and gravitating to a specific type “s” of person, the feeling of individuality and also following a certain culture, gravatating towards a type of mould. Our position in creativity is to have a hightend sensativity on structuralism.


Interpretation and analysis of aspects of human cognition.




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