Visibility is a trap

Visibility is a trap


Black mirror (The Entire History of you)

This short movie explores alternative reality where most people have a ‘grain’ implanted behind their ear which records everything they do, see or hear. This allows memories to be played back either in front of the person’s eyes or on a screen, a process known as a ‘re-do’.

Linking this film with what I am focusing on its relates a lot with survelliance could this be the start of what is to come.

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PRISM United States National Security Agency (Control, Survelliance)

Deceit within the american population once again, americans are gripped by an evil and power that lingers above them but how long till this virus spreads to the rest of the globe? This so called control is something that keeps on getting worse, yes they may say its to stop terrorism and to keep psychos off the streets but the hunger and desire to know what people think and how people think what they search is just another thing they want to control and keep tabs on, there’s an underlying force which greater than we can even imagine within society, western culture is changing and so are the people with the power, people that rebel to this system are stripped of their power and trust. Edward snowden a prime example of this, the American Government charged him with espionage for leaking the governments “Property” to the media, he is a former employee of the CSI and was a contractor for the NSA who disclosed classified information about the extreme survelliance. This to me seems to be the perfect thing to work from. Rebelling to the powers above. With the upcoming of technology this is going to get worse and worse but the more people that stand up for what they think is what needs to be done, so we can actually keep some privacy within our lifes.


Context, Ideas, and what to do next.

From the formative assessment I have realised that I need to take what I have done and learnt in the last six weeks and utilise these in context with the lectures and things that I have learnt from Spencers lectures. Context within my work is very bare, yes I have learnt to encourporate sound with pattern but how can I take this futher?


These images are controlled with the use of sound.
Control is something that ive always been intrested in, the century of self which I focused on last year uses sigmund freud and anna freuds theories to commercially make people buy and desire things something which the government utilised to there own greed, massive corporations created this wealth and subsequently had some sort of control of the governments with the money and power they gained from us the public. Society seems to have stayed in these times, adverts, merchandise and celebrities are still the main attention around the world and around media everything that is fed to us is through these social sites, adverts and film. Linking in with Zizek and his film theories I can grasp the control they have over us.
The shapes I created have some sort of powerful but yet evil feel about them the music that I used could probably justify that but there is a lot I can do with this idea and also the fact that their is this feel makes a lot of ideas manifest in my brain. Everything I just talked about control and how the government are just getting worse and worse could be the starting point of my context, henceforth from now I am going to appropriate my work with my interests and hopefully be at ease with myself and my practice, I need to find animators and stop motion artists that use this sense of control.

Where to go, What to do from this point and how am I going to approach it?

Now that I have learnt the basic skills of animation and also experimented with stop motion I feel now is the right time to plan towards something that is linked in with the project, I’ve been practising with Flash CS6 and learning how to tween images and create moving image.

Gaining these skills and knowledge has definantly opened and expanded my fortay in my portfolio and the next step is to work on something that is commercially viable and visually pleasing for the public to see in the exhibition in december. I will also create visual responses to the music on canvas for people to buy.