PDF File step by step of stop motion

Progression of stop motion building my image

Click the link to view the series of images which I created whilst doing my stop motion.


Project statement

From the start of the year I’ve developed my skills and abilities in different Medias and areas of contemporary art and illustration developing and innovation with my mouse drawings and etc. but I wanted to take my skills further with this new project.

After watching delicatessen I was a bit confused on where as an artist it could take me, but before even developing my ideas I really wanted to learn how to do animation and stop motion so I went to the drawing board and looked for things that I could use to then I saw the part of the film where there was a sequence of movement and pattern then that triggered my idea.

After realising my idea and using it with my own interests, I wanted to know how I could use pattern with sound so my whole project will be about how I can use pattern and sound to create this animation or stop motion. From this point forth I will be doing a lot of workshop learning different software to excel my ability from Adobe Premier, After Effects and CC Flash these programmes are a must if I want to learn and be successful with my project. Lynda.com seems like the place and a lot of hours and time will be put into learning with the outcome of this being something that I can use for my portfolio.

I also want this project to enhance my painting drawing and just general presentation of my work, the penny has dropped.  A large part of this project is music and my love for it and how music makes do work that I never knew I could do, the beat and the passion put me in a certain frame of mind which is confusing to explain but clear in my mind that make me a totally different artist from the rest.

The artists that I will look at have come from a music video I’ve recently seen of the band “Artic Monkeys” they have done two videos which have inspired me as an artist. Ryan Woodward is one of the artists who created an illustrative video which have given me influence, you can tell a lot of time and effort have been put into these visual representations and also there other video which is illustrated which uses sound waves to create these flowing images in sync with the beat. This has so much potential for pattern and sound which link back to my practise and what I want to do.

Dubstep has been the music which I’ve gained a strong taste for in the last few days there’s no singing or anything like that just bass and beat it runs at 140bpm I listen to the deep and underground dubstep which is normally mixes which run at about 1 hour a time changing songs and mixing and entwining different songs together.

Experimentation and working with the sounds and movement are going to be the starting point, different Medias paint, pen and digital drawings all coming together to create a motion video of some sort and still testing ideas and learning so the outcome could be anything at this point.

Year two contextual studies

From the past few lectures we have had, I can see from the outset that we are going to be looking at some very interesting things. We started by looking at film theorists and also theorists which help to support others claims, Cinematic practice and the transformation of cinema and how it is today. 

One of the first things we talked about was Zizeks “Perverts Guide to the cinema” and how he sees and decontructs films and how he uses symbolism and also other theorists to support what he says, he gets reference from films like the matrix and what he gets from these films are very deep and get to the core of what these films are trying to get across. Zizek says that these films are stuctured to our deepest desires and that they construct us in a certain way to have these desires, minupulating our mind to think in certain ways and want certain things, its like an escapism from our reality into the films reality going to the cinema is and experience that stays with us and gives us desires as our lifes are nothing like we see them in cinematics. The idea of representation, our sences are constructed by fictions and myths without these in films we wouldnt be able to make any sence of it and wouldnt have these certain desires. Zizek says that we are all constructed to be who we are by the stories we are told and shown so in fact we arnt who we should be, linking this with Sigmund Freud and his theories it all links because Freud is a psychoanalyst and goes deep into the human mind and dreams our true desires and who we are is like a ice berg and the tip of the ice berg is small but underneath in our subconscious mind and this links in with what Zizek is saying.