Looking back at old lectures : Semiotics

I didn’t really write or review the lecture of semiotics so now am going to look back and talk about how semiotics is used and also how it influences me as a practitioner and how it affects my everyday life.

Since the lecture it has totally change my views on everything I look at due to semiotics being the study of signs and also the process the sign does to us the viewer since our world is now dominated by control and also a higher power these signs we see control the way we live and also the actions we take without us really understanding, its in our subconscious that we’ve been drilled with from a young age. In some ways this control can guide us down a civilized social life, which in some ways can be good for people. Semiotics isn’t a good or a bad thing to me maybe it does control us a little but it also helps us be human and also guides us its doesn’t fully control our life it just makes us aware of a different language which is imagery which transfers into something we can or can’t do.


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