The Essay lecture

In the last and final lecture we had with cat lee we have been given the task to write a essay to do with the following words, originality, creativity, adaptation, appropriation, technology, culture and transdisciplinarty these words are very easy at first sight but when you actually look at the true meanings and definitions of them you find out its going to be a good learning curve and will defiantly help me in the future with understand more context and also understanding of using these words within our practice. To be honest I think i am going to choose the words adaptation and technology due to the fact art is ever so changing and it would also help me understand how I can use this change and stay with the times within art and design. to start with the planning of my essay I am going to research the words more in depth and show on my blog the progression and understanding of the words and hopefully on this I can coeme up with a qustion to base my essay on and to get started.


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