Looking back at old lectures : Semiotics

I didn’t really write or review the lecture of semiotics so now am going to look back and talk about how semiotics is used and also how it influences me as a practitioner and how it affects my everyday life.

Since the lecture it has totally change my views on everything I look at due to semiotics being the study of signs and also the process the sign does to us the viewer since our world is now dominated by control and also a higher power these signs we see control the way we live and also the actions we take without us really understanding, its in our subconscious that we’ve been drilled with from a young age. In some ways this control can guide us down a civilized social life, which in some ways can be good for people. Semiotics isn’t a good or a bad thing to me maybe it does control us a little but it also helps us be human and also guides us its doesn’t fully control our life it just makes us aware of a different language which is imagery which transfers into something we can or can’t do.


The Essay lecture

In the last and final lecture we had with cat lee we have been given the task to write a essay to do with the following words, originality, creativity, adaptation, appropriation, technology, culture and transdisciplinarty these words are very easy at first sight but when you actually look at the true meanings and definitions of them you find out its going to be a good learning curve and will defiantly help me in the future with understand more context and also understanding of using these words within our practice. To be honest I think i am going to choose the words adaptation and technology due to the fact art is ever so changing and it would also help me understand how I can use this change and stay with the times within art and design. to start with the planning of my essay I am going to research the words more in depth and show on my blog the progression and understanding of the words and hopefully on this I can coeme up with a qustion to base my essay on and to get started.

Exit through the gift shop film by Banksy

I recently watched a documentary film about street art and the gradual growth and popularity of it. It started by a man called Thierry Guetta AKA (Mr brainwash) and he was a man who discovered a camera and film his whole life everything he did he filmed his passion was making a film documenting his life due to losing out when he was younger. Anyway the sum of the story is the joy he had and the thrill of going out and filming street artists doing there thing, after he started going round loads of street artists he always wanted to get to the leading street artist Banksy and he followed him and helped him and and Banksy told him to go back to LA and start doing street art something that he always wanted to do. So then MR.brainwash went off and started doing art and he did a very big exhibition in LA with loads of different kind of street art work in the end Mr.Brainwash was a complete success and has gone on to do work for Madonna.

In review to this it really inspires me as an artist and makes me change my entire view on how art is made and what art means to people its very striking, its sending out a message of you can do anything you like, go against the system don’t do what your supposed to do forget the rules forget the laws make art something that you enjoy and something that nobody can take away from you.

Manifesto 02.1 First submission


This is my first upload of my manifesto I got most of my views and my opinions up onto it, i felt like a poster is more relaxed about the project and it reflects my views and personality, it could be improved defiantly but all them views are mine.

I certainly have a strong view how the world is run today and from now on as a practitioner I will try and show this in my work.

So in a lump sum this is basically everything that i want to see within my own practice i will use this as a definite template for my future work and the development of my work.