Manifesto 02.1

Creating my manifesto I have taken a lot of influences of manifestos I have looked at like the stuckist’s and the Style manifestos and I have taken a totally different view on how I first saw it. This was due to not really understanding the potential a manifesto has and how it can impact your practice which I find really interesting because I don’t like conforming and have very strong views on the world and how art is produced also my own views on how art and ideas should be made. So currently I am digging into my mind to find things that really bug me about art and things I want, and will probably use throughout my practice and i can develop on these to become a complete artist in my own mind.

I have named the manifesto “02.1” for no reason at all it has no meaning or anything to me but i think that’s a good thing because i didn’t wanna call it something that you can understand straight away, I want the viewers to be confused just like i was confused when i first started to think about making a manifesto.

I am currently in the making of the manifesto so my next post will probably be my first draft of it. I am doing a poster with words just scattered across it all, randomness is key to this and also reflects my strange artistic personality.


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