Review of “Manifest I Of ,,THE STYLE” ,1918, De Stijl


This manifesto took me a while to decipher and unpick at due to the confusing opening the manifesto, I wanted to do a random piece so I could really see what a manifesto is so I did this as it was one of the first I came across and knew nothing about. After reading the manifesto twice I started to get to terms with what it was trying to get across, it’s just stating the obvious what’s happening in the current world with the shift in the art world and also the shift in dominance and power.

 “There is an old and new consciousness of time

The old is connected with the individual

The new is connected with the universal

The struggle of the individual against the universal is reviling itself in the world-war as well as in the art of the present day.”

The quote that impacts me the most is “The struggle of the individual against the universal” This could be reflecting at itself and how it maybe is trying to accomplish dominance within itself against the rules and dominance of a higher authority. So in summary of this quotation I feel like a lot of self-reflection and thinking is needed to create a successful manifesto and the fact that it’s based around what you want and not what the world is giving to you on a plate.

 In summary of his whole manifesto I get the picture that it is trying to change the trends within art and how art was made. I get the feeling that its wants to be different from all the rest and change from the same painting of natural forms it mentions that and the despotism that it is so against. It may be a very short manifesto but I can really understand the views of what it’s trying to get across to the viewers it looks like it is presented in some kind of newspaper form of a magazine of some kind as it mentions “The monthly editions ,,The Style”, founded for that purpose”.

I find this manifesto very good from my point of view due to the short and understandable points it makes, at first it wasn’t so easy to understand but when you take a step back and look at it from a different point of view you can really capture what its intentions are, it doesn’t want to conform with despotism or the way art may have been when it was made and this is something that I really respect as an artist myself and will take both of the manifestos in my influences for when I create my own manifesto.


Manifesto image taken from




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