Understanding Deconstruction

From the lecture from Tuesday the 22nd of January:

I started by understanding the routes of deconstruction, the first thing that was obvious was the link it had with semiotics, but deconstruction is a deeper level of semiotics. I found out about deconstructing and that its all about binary opposition and this is like male and female in common society were one is more dominant than the other and this links in the the signified which is what we see and the signifier the meaning. And that’s what deconstruction does it opens up the meaning. “There’s nothing outside the text” so in summary deconstruction is opening up other meanings not the norm of what we see the culturally constructed but the little things that could make up something different to what is the binary thing to think. In summary below.

  • Meanings are culturally constructed
  • semiotics
  • post modernism and intertexuality
  • structuralism and post structuralism deconstruction is often classed with this
  • Notions of truth
  • looks for multiple fractures and meanings
  • traces and erasures
  • marks rather than truth