Visable Cities Research

For this I mainly focused on conflict and how we only see this conflict through the media and newspapers, we will probably never experience this. People wont know what its like to go from a peaceful and civilised society to then a destructive life with death and sadness lingering at the door not knowing if your going to live or die …

One example that I feel strongly about is the civil war that is going on in Syria and the people and civilians that are caught up in the middle of this. Their life will have changed massively due to the war that out broke within their own country. Everything they built for their own cities and town will be getting destructed by the people who made them. This is something that interests me and the idea of me building a sculpture of the TV with the devastated city leaking out is probably the best idea.

Hopefully in the next few week I could possibly make the sculpture but instead I am going to do an illustration of what I want it to look like for my final outcome.





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