Alter Ego with Tom Limb


Me and tom sat down after we had the lecture about the exhibition and thought it would be good to come up with a joint idea and piece of work. Tom is a very dark artist and we talked about how alter ego could be joined in with both of us. We came up with the idea of how everyone has got a dark/sad side and we wanted to represent that there is always sadness whilst always happiness and we needed to create a piece to represent this. so we both did sketches in our sketch books and my first idea was just a quick good/bad which were to figures back to back both holding balloons which joined together which i wanted to be a symmetrical piece.

After i sent this idea to tom he decided it may be too obvious to the viewer and he wanted people to ask there selves questions about it and wanted them to keep guessing. Therefore we settled on one figure which would be dark and striking. so from then on we just used one and started to work on our final piece.

The balloons represent happiness semiotics could defiantly come into use here because when we see balloons we automatically think of party’s and good times to there is that semiotic link within our work which gives it context and narratives

I will post another post of the progression of mine and toms final exhibition piece.Image


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