Volume 1 Alter Ego

The first of many, progression will be seen as I take this idea forward into a animated illustration.


Dennis Creffield

Taken from google images: Website: http://www.leeds.ac.uk/library/spcoll/leedspoetry/redgrove.htm

Taken from that wesbite on the 21/11/2012 at 14:25

Now this piece from Creffield has a very dark and depressing feel about it, this is because of the darkness and the bold marks. From this image there is a lot of sadness and evilness within it the person who is the study from my view is probably a very shy and uptight person just from how Creffield is portraying him.

Now if i was to link this with my own work I could possible use this in my own style because this work really calls out to me because how dark it is and sometimes in my life I could defiantly relate to this picture  at some points.

Alter egos progress

For my first idea I thought hard about the 24 hours of me, the photo animation. This wasn’t enough though I had to take this further so whilst sitting on the bus I thought deep and hard about my real alter ego and how I really feel down inside my subconsciousness and I also thought about how I could progress my idea further. So I took the key words I felt in a normal day things like, Mood swings, depression, Stress, Happiness, Joy and sadness. how could I use these emotions in my work ?

so I had my critic with Christian and others and they thought it would be a good idea to take photos of me unaware so I can truly capture my emotion instead of it being just being me taking the photo and being conscious of what face am pulling. so using this feedback I am going to try and attempt what the said and one the photographs are done I will do two versions a illustrated animation and also a photo animation from this point on I am going to look for artists that can influence me in the style I am going to take forward and could also change the my ideas maybe.

I will also upload my first video draft as soon as I figure out how to do it.Image

What is my alter ego?

Looking through work and reading books has defiantly opened my mind to the possibilities of what I can do with this project. But this wasn’t till recently at first I didn’t really move out of the box, I had the idea of doing 24 hours of me just snap shots of myself every half an hour and make that into cinematic animation but as i progressed on with this i started to think deep into my mind (bus journeys is the only place that I seem to be able to think thoroughly on how I really feel and the emotions and feelings I had inside e.g. mood swings, stress, energized, tired and use these so from this idea of a photo animation I am going to progress into a illustrated animation and see how i can progress in that field and try more things out so from now on i am going to use different medias and techniques and build up my animation.